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 Smart Start

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PostSubject: Smart Start   Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:43 am

Smart Start

Unlock this quest by completing the Keeping up with the Joneses quest.

► ► PART ONE ◄ ◄

Click on your computer and select TAKE IQ TEST. Do this action FOUR times to complete the first stage of this quest - you will earn 40 simoleons.
NOTE: If you try this stage of the quest at the same time as the Raising The Bar quest, you can complete both using just FOUR energy instead of EIGHT, because you need to WRITE and earn 40 simoleons for that other quest.

► ► PART TWO ◄ ◄

To complete the first stage of this quest, click on your mailbox and select SEND IQ TEST RESULTS.

Then click on your refridgerator and select HAVE A SNACK to complete the quest.

► ► PART THREE ◄ ◄

You must now wait for 15 minutes in REAL TIME before you can complete the first stage of this new part of the quest.

Until 15 REAL minutes of time have passed, the relevant action on the mailbox will be greyed out, and if you hover your mouse over the action, the remaining amount of time will be displayed.

As you can see in the above image, only 12 minutes have passed.

While we wait, we can complete the second part of the quest instead: chat with other sims to improve our mood. To complete this part, visit or invite over a neighbour and perform three friendly chat actions.

When the results are in the mailbox, a large green tick will be displayed above the mailbox. Click it and select "Get IQ Test Results" to complete this third part of the quest.

► ► PART FOUR ◄ ◄

You are now required to collect Brain Puzzles. You will need to visit or invite over five different sims, and ask them for a Brain Puzzle. Collect five.

If you don't have enough Muse, ask your friends.

► ► PART FIVE ◄ ◄

You'll notice that, once again, the computer will have the option to take an IQ test. Do the action 4 times.

► ► PART SIX ◄ ◄

Once again, click on your mailbox and select the action to SEND IQ TEST RESULTS.

Collect Daydreams by sitting on chairs and sofas and selecting the action to DAYDREAM. Do this at neighbours' homes to save on your energy. Wink

► ► PART SEVEN ◄ ◄

Simply check your mailbox in 24 hours to get your new IQ test results.

Meanwhile, ask friends for Goodwill if you don't have enough.

Completing this quest unlocks:
Electric Dreams
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Smart Start
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