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 Freebie Sources

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PostSubject: Freebie Sources   Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:32 am


The FREEBIES listed here will come from one of five sources:
  1. The Sims Social app page
  2. The Freebies section in the Official EA/Playfish Community Forums
  3. The Sims Social Newsletter - which you can subscribe to by clicking: here and scrolling to the bottom where it asks you to SIGN UP.
  4. The Official Sims Social WEBsite
  5. The Sims Social FANsite

Occasionally, FREEBIES have been found and the source of them isn't particularly clear. In these cases, I have simply stated that those freebies have taken directly from The Sims Social Everything (TSSE) group. As of mid-January 2013, TSSE is closing down, so any such freebies with unknown sources will now be taken from the The Sims Social Club (TSSC) group.
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Freebie Sources
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