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 Electric Dreams

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PostSubject: Electric Dreams   Thu Nov 08, 2012 12:40 am

Electric Dreams

Unlock this quest by completing the Smart Start quest.

► ► PART ONE ◄ ◄

Click on electronic equipment in your own home (cannot be done elsewhere), and select TINKER. Do this on three different pieces of equipment.

Invite over or visit three different sims and BRAG ABOUT INTELLIGENCE.

► ► PART TWO ◄ ◄

Invite over or visit other sims and ASK FOR FICTION BOOKS and ASK FOR HISTORY BOOKS - do this at neighbours' homes to save on your own energy.

Buy and place a bookshelf too - buying and placing isn't enough - it needs to be built too Rolling Eyes
(Check the shop - in the LIVING section)

► ► PART THREE ◄ ◄

Click on your bookcase and READ MANUAL. Do the action three times.

Simply sleep in your bed to complete the second part Wink

Ask friends for Dreams if you don't have any.

► ► PART FOUR ◄ ◄

You've already tinkered with your own electronic equipment, now it's time to tinker with your neighbours' electronic equipment. TINKER with five pieces of electronic equipment at your friends' homes.

Find a broken item - yours or a friends', and REPAIR it.

► ► PART FIVE ◄ ◄

As instructed, click on your mailbox and select SEND APPLICATION.

Ask friends to send you Plans if you do not have enough.

Meanwhile, visit or invite over five different sims (with whom you have friendly relationships) and ASK FOR REFERRAL.

► ► PART SIX ◄ ◄

Wait 24 hours before clicking on your mailbox and collecting your certificate.

Meanwhile, visit or invite over your neighbours and perform seven MEAN interactions (those marked with the devil icon).

Completing this quest will unlock:
Raise The Benchmark
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Electric Dreams
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