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 Sow The Seeds

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PostSubject: Sow The Seeds   Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:19 am

Sow The Seeds

Unlock this quest by completing the Get Started: Tend Your Garden quest.

In two of those garden plots, you now need to plant something. Click one of the plots and select PLANT. This will open up a menu of all the things available for you to plant:

This image shows that not only are there fruit and vegetables available to plant, there are flowers and shrubs too.
• The simoleons you EARN for each plant is given in simoleons.
• The stopwatch symbol shows how long a harvest will take to grow. Note that this is in REAL TIME! If you plant something that takes 24 hours to grow (Grapes) - come back tomorrow to harvest them!
• Padlocked items, such as Watermelons and Chillis, are locked until you reach the required level.
• The figure given under the word PLANT is the amount of simoleons it will COST you to plant (for example, strawberries will cost you 6 simoleons to plant, but will earn you 44 simoleons once grown).

With the exception of the fruit and veg, the harvest is shown. For example:
  • If you plant pineapples, you will harvest a pineapple.
  • If you plant a Crystal Tree, you will harvest a crystal.
  • If you plant a Rose Bush, you will harvest a Beauty (collectible).

You may plant anything you wish. Once you have selected your plant, click on the plots to plant them - you don't need to select the seeds again unless you click off a plot (such as on the grass).

As soon as you plant the seeds, the quest ends - you don't need to wait for the plants to grow.

Completing this quest will unlock:
Beautify Your Garden
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Sow The Seeds
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