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 Get A New Set Of Wheels

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PostSubject: Get A New Set Of Wheels   Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:24 am

Get A New Set Of Wheels

Unlock this quest by reaching Level 9.
This quest sees your sim learning to drive. This was released into the game, at the end of May 2012, when EA gave us a new skill - the Driving Skill.

This is a TIMED quest - you have 16 DAYS in which to complete it. You must complete the quest in the allotted time in order to receive the reward. In this case, the extra energy allowance in your energy bar.

It is connected to THREE side quests:
  1. Nice Set Of Wheels
  2. I Believe I Can Drive
  3. Driving In My Car

To begin, work through the Nice Set Of Wheels quest, which sees you 'buying' the FREE Sterling Learner Car.

Complete Nice Set Of Wheels to unlock the next stage of Get A New Set Of Wheels.

This second stage sees you building up your Driving Skill using the Sterling, in the I Believe I Can Drive quest.

Complete all the skill tasks in the Sterling to complete this stage - transforming the Sterling into the Presto!

The final stage - Driving In My Car - has five separate stages. But ultimately you will continue working on your Driving Skills by using your new car - the Presto.

Complete the Driving In My Car quest to receive the Purple Roses, and the extra energy slot in your bar.

Completing this quest will unlock:
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Get A New Set Of Wheels
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